Tan Thang Cement Joint Stock Company was established with the desire to become the leading cement brand in Vietnam in terms of quality and service with the message “Making a difference, building trust”.
Tan Thang Cement Factory is actively at the forefront of the trend of “Industrial Revolution 4.0” by using the most advanced lines, equipment, heat consumption and low dust concentration. emissions meet the standards of EU and G7 countries. Equipment imported from EU and G7 countries such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Denmark has a total capacity of 5000 tons of clinker / day, equivalent to 2 million tons of cement / year. Connecting technologies together to form the optimal management model to produce environmentally friendly and high quality cement products. Automatic power system – the core of 4.0 technology, centralized control for synchronous control of factory operations, connecting electronic, mechanical and environmental technologies with electricity consumption of about 95 kW / ton of cement , consuming less than 730 kcal / kg clinker, these are the lowest consumption indicators in the whole cement industry today.
Along with abundant raw materials, large reserves, high quality; high-quality technical management team, well-trained and synchronous workers; Modern laboratory quality management system, strict and stable quality control and high automation line. Tan Thang Cement meets the needs of customers well with high quality, stable and classy products.
The Company’s main products include high quality CPC50 clinker along with cement products for industrial and civil construction such as PC50 cement; cement PCB50; cement PCB40; meet Vietnamese (TCVN), American (ASTM), European and other standards of cement as required by customers.